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Commonwealth Senior Living At Chesterfield

Senior Living in Chesterfield, VA

“We Listen. We Love. We Care. We Serve.” That’s the promise we at Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield make to our residents and their families. And what a difference it makes in the care and lifestyle our residents enjoy.

Offering assisted living and memory care, Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield welcomes you and your family to experience the peace of mind that comes with that promise.

Where Do I Start?

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24/7 Support

Our residents and families have the confidence of knowing that assistance is available around the clock. Our team of caregivers is on site and ready to provide support at any time of day or night. From helping our residents with activities of daily living, such as getting dressed or taking a shower, we are here to provide a helping hand with dignity and respect.

Stay Active!

At Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield, we know that the need for support has brought our residents to our doors. But we also know that their desire to live an active, enriching lifestyle is as strong as ever. With our variety of services, amenities and programming, we encourage our residents to get involved, stay active and get the most out of every day.

Convenient Location

Located just south of Richmond in Chesterfield County, Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield is a home away from home for many area residents. Our community is just a few miles from St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, and across the street from the Collegiate School Aquatics Center and Martin’s Grocery. Within blocks are specialty shops, family-owned restaurants and schools.

Assisted Living

If you’re no longer able to live alone at home, or if you’re tired of all the worries and responsibilities that come along with home ownership, from chores to maintenance, consider assisted living at Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield. We offer the perfect lifestyle option for seniors who want to live independently and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Residents of Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield enjoy a service-rich and uplifting lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll take care of the weekly housekeeping, maintenance, cooking and landscaping. You’ll have plenty of free time to take advantages of all the engaging programs offered daily. From Travel the World that brings the culture of other countries right to our community to off-site trips and so much more, every day is filled with opportunities to be inspired, entertained and fulfilled.

For the ultimate in convenience, our community is located close to specialty shops and family-owned restaurants. But more importantly, we offer a variety of services and amenities right here.

Convenient Community Amenities

  • Spacious apartment floor plans with storage
  • Beauty salon
  • Restaurant-style dining room
  • Game rooms and theater
  • Library
  • Physical therapy offices
  • Sundries shop / general store
  • Walking paths and fitness center

Helpful Services

  • Housekeeping
  • Home maintenance and landscaping
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Staff on site 24/7
  • Personal care services available if needed

Why Wait?

Why wait to move to our vibrant community until you need support? Make your move now and enjoy a worry-free lifestyle. Many of our assisted living residents have shared they wish they’d made the move to Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield sooner!

Memory Care

Sweet MemoriesTM

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in Chesterfield, VA

Do you have a loved one with memory loss? We’re here to help.

At Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield, we offer Sweet MemoriesTM, our award-winning memory care program that meets the present and changing needs of residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Sweet Memories™ delivers memory care with personal care and attention. At the heart of our program is our team of dedicated caregivers. Certified in Virtual Dementia Tour® training, our team has a very personal and thorough understanding of the challenges presented by Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. As a result of this specialized training, they are empowered to provide compassionate, understanding and respectful care.

Sweet MemoriesTM

Sweet Memories™ delivers exceptional care and a vibrant lifestyle to our residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Every aspect of our program has been carefully chosen to deliver the best memory care experience possible. Residents feel right at home in our cozy, comfortable memory care neighborhoods. Our specialized memory care programming elevates the joy, connection and comfort our residences feel every day. Our experienced management team brings expertise in the delivery of memory care.

Understanding that each person in our care is at his or her own place on this journey, Sweet Memories™ takes a personalized approach to care. By developing individualized care plans, we provide support that not only meets our residents where they are today, but are also able to evolve with them as their needs and abilities change.

Program Components

Sweet MemoriesTM consists of three primary components: 

Move-in: From physical to emotional needs, we guide our residents through every step of the transition to our community, whether our resident is moving from home or from the hospital.

Evaluation through life history: We learn each resident’s life story so we can develop genuine relationships. We start by conducting a comprehensive interview with family members. We talk. We ask questions. We listen. We get to know our residents as people. We learn about their medical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs, as well as their habits and preferences.

Resident-centered care plan: Once we have obtained the resident’s life story and assess his or her needs and abilities, our leadership team creates a customized plan to deliver the most appropriate care and support.

Signature Programs • Signature Experience

So unique and effective, our signature Sweet MemoriesTM programs make a tremendous difference in the lives of our residents and their families.

One Sweet Memory: Winner of the Best Practice Award from the Virginia Assisted Living Association (VALA), for going above and beyond the standards of care. Our team members regularly capture highlights of each resident’s day in photographs that are shared regularly with family members.

Expressions: When verbal skills begin to fail, art can become a means of self-expression for residents. Conversational prompting stimulates memories which residents can interpret using a variety of mediums, including painting.

Special Touch: Designed specifically for those with late-stage memory loss, this program provides “special touches” that make a difference in care. In the morning, before breakfast, residents enjoy citrus scented towels to awaken taste buds; before dinner, lavender scented towels help to relax, reinforce the natural circadian rhythm and encourage residents to enjoy their meals.

Sweet Melodies: For those with late-stage dementia who have lost verbal skills, Sweet Melodies stirs memories by using nostalgic music selected by family members.

SMILE™ Technology: Through SMILE™, we can remain connected to your loved one every day. This computer program enables us to keep you updated on your loved one’s participation in and enjoyment of our programming, sharing photos and stories with you on a daily basis.

Memory Care Life Stations: Thoughtful spaces invite your loved one to reconnect and engage with past hobbies, professions and passions.

Sweet Memories™ Services & Amenities:

  • Healthy, family-style dining options that meet dining skill levels and nutritional needs
  • Regularly scheduled activities that stimulate the mind and body, as well as customized socialization programs designed to fit the cognitive, social and mental skills of the resident
  • Open and secure outdoor spaces such as courtyards and gardens
  • Monthly support group meetings for families
  • Private or companion suites with private baths
  • Personal care services
  • Medication management
  • Weekly housekeeping/linens
  • 24-hour staffing
  • Open-door policy that encourages 24-hour visitation
  • Monthly family night dinners
  • Sweet Memories™ programming
  • Community newsletter

Services & Amenities

At Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield, we offer a variety of services and gracious amenities for the comfort and enjoyment of our residents.

To help our residents live as independently as possible, our dedicated staff provides support with the details of daily living, such as getting dressed or eating a meal.

Our residents don’t have to lift a finger. Our staff takes care of all the housekeeping, linen services, transportation arrangements and other chores.

Dining is a delight at Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield. Nutritious meals and snacks are served daily in an elegant dining room. Residents can join together in front of the cozy fireplace and enjoy meals with great conversation amongst new friends.

After dinner, residents who are interested in catching up on the news of the day can gather in the wine bistro to keep the conversation going.

As in all of our communities, Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield offers a variety of services:

  • Private, Semi-private, and Suite rooms with private bath
  • Daily activities, trips and social programs
  • Individualized care plans
  • 24-hour available staff
  • Weekly housekeeping/linens
  • Medication management
  • Specialized memory care wing
  • Short-term respite stays

When we welcome residents to Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield, we also welcome their families. We work with all family members to design a caring environment that emphasizes individual independence in a setting of around-the-clock support.

Floor Plans

At Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield, you have choices! Select the suite that meets your needs and reflects your style. We offer both private and companion suites. Once you make your choice, make your suite your own. Decorate with your favorite furniture, family photos and keepsakes to make it home.

Assisted Living Suite

350 sq. ft.
Starts at $160.00

Assisted Living Companion Suite

353 sq. ft.
Starts at $126.00

Memory Care Suite

350 sq. ft.
Starts at $187.00

Memory Care Companion Suite

353 sq. ft.
Starts at $156.00

One Bedroom Assisted Living Suite

397 sq. ft.
One Bedroom
Starts at $174.00


At Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield, every day is filled with opportunities to get involved, gather with friends and be as active as you wish.

Assisted Living Calendar

Memory Care Calendar



Learn about our community. Take a virtual tour. Hear from our administrators and caregivers. Everything you want to know about Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield is just a click away.



Commonwealth Senior Living at Chesterfield

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“We absolutely love it here, my mom is in the Sweet Memories program and knowing she is safe and taken care of is such a great peace of mind!”

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